Analog Thinking – Johannes Faupel

Analogous Storing and Thinking – with some kind of magnetism: Johannes Faupel

Analogous Thinking – Huge Amount of Ideas in Stock (Brain), refreshing in real time

Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) – really, really impressing and: soulless.

Analog thinking and feeling: convincing.

  • Advertising agency
  • SEO agency
  • Marketing department
  • Sales department

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No honey for the bee, no black to the white

Johannes Faupel – Turn daily life in to a symphony of surprises

Johannes Faupel – Turn daily life in to a symphony of surprises

Don’t offer honey to the bee.

Do something new.

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Make people warmly wonder. How to start better in your days? Change the way you open your instant coffee glass. Be inspired to inspire other people to smile.

Johannes Faupel Campaigning Develop Communication Campaigns

Johannes Faupel Campaigning & Developing Communication Campaigns


Campaigning – the single picture.

Campaigning – the single picture referring to the big pic, the big idea.

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Spread Ideas – Save time

Spread Ideas – Johannes Faupel

Spread Ideas – Johannes Faupel

Concept idea for your Organisation (Sales / Service) wanted?

No idea for your Sales Presentation or Image Campaign yet?

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Johannes Faupel Copywriting

Johannes Faupel Copywriting

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Marketing-Text for Medical Branches, Engineering, IT, Industry and Business to Business

Semantic Optimization for Online Marketing (Consent Long Tail / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Layout ready – text missing?

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Brain Cells – Brain Sells

Johannes Faupel – Brain Cells – Brain Sells

Johannes Faupel – Brain Cells – Brain Sells

I’ve got very special, never sleeping Brain Cells.

Benefit from Brain – book your idea boost

Connecting things and thoughts you’d never thought.

Resources to plate

Resources to plate

A short story about deep conflicts

Solving a conflict? Check out “A short story about deep conflicts” on YouTube

Counseling and Coaching

Counseling with the help of impressive pictures. Working with the patented Counseling Tool and many other pictures.

Brain-friendly short-time counseling – based on the systemic and hypnosystemic approach.

Tired of being bored or exhausted?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Discover world-changing new insights in so-called incidentals

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whenever you think – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

It’s worth to think in a new way about the nerving things in live. Mostly, there’s some kind of joy behind them.

Booking my brain, you’ll get my heart as well.

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