Manifesto of Unconditional Competence

In hardly any other area of life are there more errors and misunderstandings gathered than in psychotherapy and coaching. This manifesto refers to the fact that all people are naturally competent. If a person appears incompetent and flawed for a while (even for years), this is more likely a result of contextual conditions and interactions between internal and external goals, categorizations, and reductions of the context field.

As complex as the human brain is – it can often be used like an electronic construction kit. I ask my clients: “Obviously, there is a synaptic connection in your brain, formed through learning, from two signals that lead to undesirable results, such as fears or inhibitions. If you now imagine that your brain forms a new, helpful additional connection to resources – how will this affect your experience?” The brain often starts doing this in the same moment.

As soon as my clients experience the live experience of neuroplasticity, they are in connection with their helpful abilities.

This manifesto for competence is also a plea for the appropriate allocation of roles in counseling:

The client (not the counselor) is the expert. As a counselor, one can (figuratively speaking) shine a flashlight into the hidden corners of the client’s consciousness and bring paths to light. The client can test various paths and make their own decisions.

Everything is based on the innate and later acquired abilities of the clients. Counselors do not “heal” and do not solve problems. A good counselor attributes all competence to the client so that they can use it and apply it for the flourishing of their life.

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